About Us

About Us | Pittsburgh Appraisers is a real estate appraisal firm specializing in residential and commercial appraisals for many different scenarios for Individuals, Attorneys’, Financial Planners, CPA’s and others with questions about real estate values. Pittsburgh Appraisers employs a full-time staff of Pennsylvania certified appraisers located throughout the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. With decades of experience in Pennsylvania real estate, each appraiser has extensive experience performing hundreds of appraisals each year and offering quality reports with on time completion.

We here at Pittsburgh Appraisers have the highest standards in quality along with ethical policies in the profession. All of our reports comply with the Federal appraisal guidelines USPAP, FNMA/FHLMC and FIRREA along with any and all applicable state laws.

While Pittsburgh Appraisers is not only obviously able to print hard copies of our appraisal reports and mail them to our clients, we can also and most often send the same reports electronically. Over the years, we have found that electronic distribution of our appraisal files is the most cost effective way for both our clients and Pittsburgh Appraisers. Our appraisers merely send you an email with a link to the appraisal and you can then download it from the Pittsburgh Appraisers web servers. This is extremely convenient when there are multiple parties involved such as with estates, divorce or any time a 3rd party is involved or could be involved, even family.

We understand that for the average home owner and buyer, the Appraisal Process can be confusing. We have outlined this process to help you better understand what exactly is involved. For information on the Appraisal Process click on some frequently asked answers and questions.

We would be glad to discuss the appraisal process more with you and quote you a fee after we acquire more information on the property in question and the purpose of the appraisal. With the answer to these questions and others, not only are we able to ascertain the complexity of the report, but also then determine which type of report will be needed for the assignment. We can be contacted via the numbers and address on our contact page. All information is confidential and will be held in strict confidence. You can find out more about us and our policies on our privacy page.